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Spinbal Patina Solution

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Spinbal™ Patina Solution:

The Spinbal Patina Solution is a patent-pending, paintable gel for garnering permanent cymbal coloration:

Visually, cymbal patinas are easy to stencil for custom design.

Sonically, cymbal patinas produce a slightly dryer tone.

Practically, the DIY solution works on any bronze alloy and costs a fraction of a factory-made cymbal patinas.

4 oz Jar:

Easily and safely apply a patina to any bronze cymbal alloy using this revolutionary, patented new solution. Unlike dangerous factory production methods this application process creates no noxious fumes, just a slight foul oder! Unlike traditional patina methods, this process can be done in just moments (as opposed to weeks, months or years). Instructional materials can be found on this website (the 'cymbal patinas' tab), and are included with each package.

Active Ingredient: Concentrated Sulfur in gel form.