Introducing Spinbal™

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The World's First Cymbal Spinner

Ball-Bearing Cymbal Seat:

Visually, spinning cymbals create dynamic and mesmerizing sights for an engaging performance method.

Sonically, spinning cymbals create rich doppler-shifting vibrato that audio engineers have called live compression and flange.

Practically, even when not actively spun, Spinbal randomizes striking locations on cymbal surfaces; defense from key-holing and cracks.

Made for 8mm Stands. Made in the USA. Patent-Pending. 

Spinbal in Action:

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"A low-tech but ingenious drum accessory."


"Spinbal is a great invention."

Drums Daily

"The next big thing in the drum industry. A spinning cymbal undoubtedly alters the tone. Spinbal, a unique and attractive product that’s also discreet."

Christopher Norris, Journalist, (Huffington Post)

"Why I pay [my drum tech] the big bucks... cymbal spinning!"

Ray Luzier, Drummer (Korn)

"A very cool addition for all experimental drummers and percussionists out there... Very funky."

Pete Lockett, Drummer (Peter Gabriel, Björk, Robert Plant, Amy Winehouse)

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