Spinbal Cymbal Sleeve 3-Pack

Spinbal Cymbal Sleeve 3-Pack

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Spinbal Ball-Bearing Cymbal Sleeves for 8mm stands

For Cymbal Protection:

The natural rotation of Spinbal randomizes your cymbal strike points, helping to prevent cracks and key-holes, even without actively spinning your cymbals.

For Performance Effects:

Spin your cymbals for extended periods to produce a rich, doppler-effect kinetic vibrato, sustained white noise (with sizzle chains) and mesmerizing visuals for an engaging performance method.

US Patent No. 10,446,125

Spinbal Housings & Felts are made in the USA

"This unique ball-bearing-based washer allows for nearly endless sonic and visual possibilities and offers the benefit of extending the life of the cymbal itself." - Modern Drummer

Package Contents:

  • 3 Spinbal Cymbal Spinners (8mm Ball Bearings Included)
  • 3 Felt Washers
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