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Spinbal Cymbal Spinners 3-Pack

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Spinbal Ball-Bearing Cymbal Seats:


For Cymbal Protection:

Passively, by allowing cymbals to spin freely, Spinbal randomizes where you hit your cymbals to prevent cracks and key-holes from forming, even without actively spinning your cymbals.

For Performance Effects:

Spin your cymbals for extended periods to produce a rich, doppler-effect kinetic vibrato, sustained white noise (with sizzle chains) and mesmerizing visuals for an engaging performance method.

Compatible with 8mm Cymbal Stands

US Patent No. 10,446,125

Made in the USA

"This unique ball-bearing-based washer allows for nearly endless sonic and visual possibilities and offers the benefit of extending the life of the cymbal itself." - Modern Drummer

Package Contents:

  • 3 Spinbal Cymbal Spinners (8mm Ball Bearings Included)
  • 3 Felt Washers