"Why I pay [my drum tech] the big bucks... cymbal spinning!" - Ray Luzier, Drummer (Korn)

"I’ve been playing Spinbal for like 7 months! You sent them out and I took them right on tour..." - Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta)


“[Spinbal] looks amazing.” - Will Calhoun, Drummer (Living Colour) 


 -Aaron Stechauner (The Faceless, Interloper, Rings of Saturn, etc.)



“It’s refreshing to work with companies that decide to do things that haven’t been done before, rather than trying to remake the same stuff.” - Aric Improta, Drummer (Night Verses, The Fever 333)



"A very cool addition for all experimental drummers and percussionists out there... Very funky." - Pete Lockett, Drummer (Peter Gabriel, Björk, Robert Plant, Amy Winehouse)



"This is absolutely amazing!" - George "Spanky" McCurdy, Drummer (Kanye, Diddy, Lauren Hill, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake)



"I’m really loving the Spinbal cymbal spinners! As simple as switching out my cymbal sleeves, Spinbal opens up completely new sonic possibilities from my cymbals, bells and effects." - Randy Gloss (World Music Department Chair, California Institute of the Arts


"Even when I don't spin my cymbals, Spinbal encourages them to spin. I'm protecting my cymbals in the long run with that randomization; it's a no brainer." - Richard Straub, Drummer (Darla)



"Too much fun!" - Adam Tuminaro, Drummer & Educator (The Orlando Drummer)


"I am always looking for creative tambours and textures in my cymbal choices... Spinbal is an innovative product that explores new possibilities in sound and color by using motion as its own effect. I think this is very exciting and I can't wait to see what else they have in store!" - Makaya McCraven, Drummer, Producer, Bandleader (Makaya McCraven Quartet, Marquis Hill, Bobby Broom)


"I use them [Spinbals] because my cymbals are usually pretty flat on the stand and cymbals turn naturally as you play. Just like your sticks turn in your hand as you play, cymbals want to do the same as they dissipate energy. So, using a Spinbal is like using an iso mount on a tom. It further decouples the cymbal from the stand." - Daren Pfeifer, Drummer (Hollywood Undead, Killer Kind), Owner & Founder (Pfeifer Drum Co.)



"I’m always looking for interesting ways to modify the sounds of the basic rock kit. I love the physics of Spinbal, and how the sound of a ride cymbal is affected by it. An audience will likely be mesmerized by it. There are also some [Nada Surf] songs where the white noise effect of the chain on the spinning cymbal will be absolutely perfect. I’m really looking forward to giving it a spin." (the following month) "I am very honored to be on this short list of awesome drummers. I can tell you from my short experience with the Spinbal that it works exactly as advertised. Good work, Guy!!" - Ira Elliot, Drummer (Nada Surf)



"Spinbal is a great invention." - Drums Daily



"A game changer! I can't remember the last time I had this much fun trying new things with my kit!" - Rich Ducat, Founder (Drummers I Like Podcast & Online Drumming Network)


"My experience with Spinbal seems to keep increasing in depth as time goes on. Initially I took them at face value and spun them up and played and that was cool. However, I am now thinking much more about how I can come up with sounds and ideas that I haven’t seen yet from other users and that is a lot more fulfilling. Currently I am obsessed with sound. I am interested in how sound motivates my interest in playing and now with Spinbal I am becoming interested with manipulating sounds. I can see myself pondering casually in day to day life, “what can I do with it next?” and that excites me as a player." - Seamus Evely, Founder (DrumGab Podcast / Blog / Online Drumming Network)


"We had beautiful session with the Spinbal in Tucson. Taking them with me to Marin County next week for more..." (the following week): "...honored to be one of the first to be moving the sound. Works so well looking out at the sea!" - John Convertino, Drummer (Calexico)



"Used Spinbal with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Fantastic!" - Brian Kushmaul (Orchestral Percussionist) 


- Spinbal on sheet music at the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra -  


"I'm spinning from now on, it adds a whole new element to my playing, I can't play without them now!" - Stephen J Parker, Drummer (Philly Drum Project, Breakthru, The Experience Tour)



"Great customer service!! Ordered Wednesday - In my hands on Friday!" - Ian Thomas (Senior Member, DFO Drum Forum)


"I just played my first set with Spinbal. It's awesome. I thought it would be hard to play with, because of the kinetic motion; it wasn't at all. Hitting it even hard, it stays on, keeps spinning for the whole song. Looks cool and made me feel more confident. It's cool to look at too, while I'm playing it. Definitely get one, it's really rad." - Adam Laub, Drummer, Producer, Engineer (OhBree, Sleepless Sound Studio)



“I am interested both sonically and visually… how lovely to have a spinning cymbal in visual and sonic harmony.” - Charlie Morrow, Sound Artist, Producer, Conceptualist (Simon & Garfunkel, the Rascals, featured in the Louvre, Smithsonian)


"[Guy Juravich] has created what I believe to be the next big thing in the drum industry... A spinning cymbal undoubtedly alters the tone... Spinbal, a unique and attractive product that’s also discreet, is one of the many impending materializations of genius..." - Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris, Journalist, Drummer (Huffington Post, Philly in Focus, Techbooks Online)



“[Spinbal] is pushing the boundaries of what we are used to in traditional industry products." - Nick Pourfard, Founder, Luthier (Prisma Guitars - Skateboard-Inspired Guitar Design)



"In my musical hemisphere, detail and precision are key components to making my bands pop with a persistent, focused energy. Spinbal is an excellent addition for me because it adds an extra layer of sonic possibility that I can both hear and react to (tremolo) as well as a physical movement that gives me energy back." - Chad Brown, Drummer, Percussionist (Grubby Little Hands, West Philadelphia Orchestra)


"The Leslie rotating speaker brought the Hammond organ to a whole new level. It added a lush, animated dynamic to the organ making it a far more versatile instrument. Guy's Spinbal adds a similar color and modulation to his cymbals giving them a really unique sound. The effect and ambiance it creates might inspire drummers to use their cymbals in ways they'd never have thought to before. Also it allows a drummer to create a sound with a cymbal in a live performance that might otherwise only be created in a studio with effects.” - Darby Wolf, Organist (Rubblebucket, Bomb Squad)



"[Spinbal] is the coolest thing ever… I want to tell my great grandkids I was a part of this whole new cymbal thing; they're never gonna believe me! It's one of those things where, well, why didn't I think of this! ...It is going to change how cymbals are played forever..." - Jarah Jane, Host (DSN: Drum Share News)


“Spinbal makes some incredibly interesting sounds. I'm really excited to take it into my studio and start sampling the effects it has… This is really going to add some interesting soundscapes into my production.” - Lucas Kozinski, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Drummer (Fried Monk, Nark, OhBree)



"Great idea. I especially like the dangling [sizzle] chain; I have draped all sorts of stuff on cymbals over the years but nothing like that." - Duncan Arsenault, Drummer (The Curtis Mayflower, Sam James)


 “Here’s a fun and wacky one. [Spinbal] looks cool... If you’re playing with a small kit and need some extra sound to fill out the sound of your group, it could be worth the investment.” - Gear Gods



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