The following are approved collaborations, available directly from these fine companies:

The Maxonix SizzleArm:

Our Friends at Maxonix have created a Spinbal-specific sizzler chain! This boom arm allows ball chain to ride along the cymbal surface without bunching up, as with traditional sizzlers:

True sustain for sizzling white noise with just the flick of a wrist:

Sweet Spot Clutches' Spinbal Stacker:

Our friends at Sweet Spot Clutches have machined a custom stacker for Spinbal so you can stack multiple spinning cymbals on top of one another, using just one stand.

This project was conceived by drummer, educator and journalist Aaron Edgar, who famously made a "Christmas Tree" of spinning cymbals that went viral with over 150K views on Instagram. Sweet Spots Clutches made a custom nut to commemorate the video:


Woodland Percussion's Custom Cymbal Patina Design:

Our friends at Woodland Percussion have a laser-engraver, our patented DIY Patina Solution and a meticulous attention to detail for your custom cymbal patina design needs. Want your logo on a cymbal? How about a kinetic design like a spiral? Check out these samples of their work: