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Spinbal - the Cymbal Spinner

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Introducing Spinbal™:

Spinbal - the Cymbal Spinner is a patent-pending, ball-bearing cymbal seat that fits comfortably on 8mm cymbal stands, allowing cymbals to spin for prolonged periods of time: 

Visually, spinning cymbals create dynamic and mesmerizing sights for an engaging performance method.

Sonically, Spinbal creates unique tones that audio engineers are calling ‘live compression’, ‘doppler vibrato,’ and ‘live flange’.

Practically, even when not actively spun, Spinbal randomizes striking locations on cymbal surfaces; defense from key-holing and cracks.

Package Contents:

  • Spinbal Cymbal Spinner (8mm Bearing Included)
  • Spinbal Cymbal Felt Washer

- Spinbal Plastics and Felts are made and assembled in the USA -